Keto X1

Complete Keto Training Camp

Day 4


  • Just you!
  • And somewhere to run (outdoors or on a treadmill

Rest Time:

1 Interval = 20 second sprint / 40 second jog

  • Instructions
  • Tips


This workout is a mix of full out sprints, with then a jog/walk.  Go as hard and fast as you can for 20 seconds, then follow with 40 seconds of a jog/walk.  1 interval = 20 seconds of sprint with a 40 second jog/walk.‚Äč



Burst Interval Sprints

Intervals: 10

Reps: 20 Seconds

Sprint as fast as you can.



Intervals: 10

Reps: 40 Seconds

Try to jog if you can.  If you get winded, focus more on the 20 second sprint, and use this time to recover by simply walking for the prescribed time.